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Design Capabilities

Device Engineering uses several design resources depending upon the type of design and expertise of designer.  Device Engineering's design staff are skilled in Arinc 429 and similar products which comprise DEI's Standard Product Line which includes Drivers, Receivers and Transceivers for Arinc 429; but are not limited to those product types.  Designs have been completed in CMOS, Bipolar, BiCMOS, SiGe, HVMOS, and SiC technologies for customers in Military, Avionics, Commercial, and Industrial markets.


Design capabilities include:




  • ECL Logic
  • High Capacitance Drive ICs
  • High Voltages (>40 to 1650V)
  • Thermal Control 
  • Pierce Oscillator
  • Imaging
  • Very Low Phase Noise Frequency Synthesizer (-160dBc/Hz > 5 kHz)
  • On Chip Lightning Protected Inputs (Transients up to 600v) DO160 Level 3
  • Backplane Transceiver Logic (6 ns delay)
  • Transient Voltage Protection (100V/ 100μs Transient Suppression)
  • RMS Conversion
  • Low Power (nA, sub 1V)
  • Lighting Bus Mapper
  • Programmable Gain
  • Relay Driver/ Control
  • LED Dimmer


Design & Layout Tools

Device Engineering uses Industry Standard design tools based upon Personal Computer Platforms.  Our expertise and tools include, but are not limited to:


  • Cadence RF Design Suite
  • SIMetrix (SPICE/Schematic
  • Viewdraw/ ModelSim
  • Tanner Design Suite (Layout/DRC/LVS/SPR)
  • Leonardo-Spectrum
  • SILVACO Design Suite (Schematic/Circuit Sim/Layout/DRC/LVS/LPE)

  • PSpice
  • IC Editors ICED (Layout Editor)


Sample Mixed Signal Design Flow

 custom design flow chart 


Device Engineering is a Tempe, AZ based design and manufacturing facility specializing in Analog and Mixed Signal Integrated Circuits.  

DEI has a Quality Management System (QMS) that is AS9100D and ISO9001:2015 certified.


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