Lighting Control 

DEI1030Data Sheet

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  • Reduced Part Count
  • True RMS Conversion
  • Small foot print (8L-SOIC-NB)
  • Wiring harness programmable
  • Reduces multiple bus interfaces
  • Stable over temperature
  • DO 160C/D Category A3 Lightning Protection
  • Works with 5VAC, 5VDC, 14VDC and 28VDC busses

The DEI 1030 is designed to improve lighting bus tracking from unit to unit.  Bus voltage is converted to a 0-5VDC signal level output that can be used to control analog drive of incandescent bulbs, or input to a microprocessor for pulse-width modulation.  The need for different bus interface devices for each bus voltage is eliminated.  Bus voltage is selected via two open/ground discrete inputs permitting automatic unit adaptation to the system bus voltage.  Lighting bus, common, and gain selection inputs are protected against lightning surges to DO-160C/D category A3 (waveforms 3, 4, and 5).



  Lighting Bus Mapping Circuit  

DEI1030 Block Diagram 

      DEI1090 LED Driver with Square Law Dimming Control

DEI1090 Datasheet

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  • Emulates incandescent lamp "Square Law" luminance curve.
  • LED dimming controlled by Pulse Width Modulation ranging from 50HZ to 200HZ.
  • LED current adjustable from 10mA to 20mA.
  • 200:1 Dimming Range at 50Hz. 40:1 Dimming Range at 200Hz
  • Drives 8 LED outputs with matched current drive.
  • Drivers can be cascaded to synchronously drive additional LEDs.
  • Plastic 16 lead SOIC package.

The DEI1090 device is a 16 pin bipolar integrated circuit designed to drive nine LEDs and provide Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) dimming control according to the luminance curve of incandescent lamps. The device squares the analog control input and produces a PWM waveform used to enable or disable the current outputs. The LED brightness is controlled by the PWM duty cycle. All nine LEDs are driven at the same adjustable drive current. Drivers can be cascaded to synchronously drive additional LED groups. The dimming control input may be a DC or AC voltage.

LED Dimmer Block Diagram




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