By virtue of our 25 years of experience, Device Engineering matches the right processing technology with the product requirements.    There is no need to compromise on system design to fit processing capabilities.  Unlike other design houses who will design your circuits to the technology that is available to them, Device Engineering has no process technology limits. This allows us to design devices that both meet stringent requirements and are delivered at the lowest possible cost.

Low price/high volume, low power, low voltage, special signal conditioning, high voltage, and many more design capabilities can be utilized and mixed to fit your specific application.


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  • CMOS
    • Silicon Gate
  • BiPolar
    • CML
    • ECL
  • MOS
    • N - Channel Silicon Gate
    • P - Channel Silicon Gate
    • P - Channel Metal Gate


  • CMOS
    • Silicon Gate
  • BiPolar
    • Low Voltage Schottky
    • 20/40 Volt Processing
  • BiMOS
  • DMOS

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